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A hero's journey from childhood to Formula One.

A road trip to Scotland is the setting to get to know him and a few key people in the Formula One world. Once there we get to know "DC" and understand the strange connection between fashion photography, speed, courage, passion and formula one driving.

“David Coulthard and I both once raced formula ford cars, so how come he went on to become a formula one driver and I didn't? We embark on a journey to find out why.”

The road trip takes us from Monaco to Switzerland, passing though race tracks in Germany before heading north to England. Scotland is the final destination.

We meet important people in DC's past, each giving insites into his early life choices.

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Destiny, sometimes referred to as fate, is a predetermined course of events. How much of it is in our control?

“It was when I photographed DC for Intersection Magazine that we spoke about how we both onced raced fromula ford cars. At that time we both wanted to be formula one drivers.”

“However, we took different paths, he raced formula one, I became a photographer, but infact we ended up doing the same thing. We just followed our passion. The same way that anyone can."

"This film was a work of passion, if you want to donate something, why not make it to Wings for Life, one of DC's charities. The reason you see Donate buttons on the site."

Once in DC's home town we catch up with David and discover the many connected pathways that, when mixed with freewill and determination lead to your destination.

Starring David Coulthard, with support from Sir Jackie Stewart, Mika Hakkinen, Sir Frank Williams, Martin Whitmarsh, Alain Post, Norbert Haug, Adrian Newey, Christan Horner, Dave Boyce.

WRITTEN BYTaki Bibelas
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